2018 Virtual Hypnosis Convention

Ten Things Every Hypnosis Business Website Needs

Last year I attended the Virtual Convention and I'm excited to be a presenter this year. My presentation is:  Ten Things Every Hypnosis Business Website Needs.  I will focus on the things you need to plan and include on your professional hypnosis website.  See my page for the convention HERE and sign up for the virtual convention HERE.

If you are making a professional hypnosis website, please visit our JOIN US page and see what we have to offer!

Why are virtual conventions so important?  A virtual convention allows us to be open and receive more information that we ever did before...without traveling and within the privacy of our own home or office.  It is limitless...allowing us to find the people we resonate with, new ideas, educational opportunities, continuing education workshops and more.  We are no longer bound by schedules, locations and for some, finances.  It can be the reason you rise higher and work with more people.

Speaking of working with more people....taking your business virtual is today...not the future, today.  Marketing practices have changed drastically and technology is a huge part of it.  So, if you want to be a part of hypnosis business success, it is your responsibility to use the learning experiences available to you and take your business to the next level.

I would like to thank Richard Nongard, Subliminal Science and all the people responsible for the September 15-16 Virtual Convention, 36 Techniques, for their work in bringing hypnotists valuable opportunities for quality continuing education.  And for making it so practical, accessible, interesting and convenient.

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