Conventions and Continuing Education

There are many opportunities for continuing education for hypnosis.  Many hypnotists hold live workshops and sell online educational material for self-study, providing you with a certificate at the end and the facilitator with a lucrative business.  As you probably know, there are organizations that provide continuing education classes and workshops.

There are so many opportunities for us to grow and learn, but we must take some responsibility and use a business growth mindset to decide what will bring us the business of our dreams.  In addition to seeking information from these sources, start looking for information on your own that coincides with and develops your ideal business.  Use your own creativity and take charge of your future.  One of the great opportunities for learning and growing are conventions.



The NGH holds two conventions:  Solid Gold in Las Vegas (February) and the NGH Convention in Marlborough, MA (August).  Visit for additional information.

Hypnothoughts LIVE holds their conference in August in Las Vegas

Want to attend a VIRTUAL convention?  Go to

How about becoming a part of a VIRTUAL CHAPTER OF THE NATIONAL GUILD OF HYPNOTISTS?  They offer all kinds of continuing education opportunities for you!  Visit for information on joining.

If you haven’t already, it’s time to take an active role in developing your business.  With your mission and visions statements in place and a clear vision of your future, gather the information necessary to attain your ultimate goal.