Business Priorities and Your Daily Routine

Set Your Daily Business Priorities

As the owner of your hypnosis business, you wear many hats.  Even if you have a support team, it is very easy to get distracted and not accomplish your goals for the day.  The business owner’s main focus is to produce income.  If the task is not producing income, then it should become a secondary task or it should be outsourced or delegated.

One of the best ways I have worked to keep my focus is my master list.  I keep this master list that contains everything that comes to mind that I need to do.  That list is kind of a brain dump.  It helps me to write things down as I think of them.  It also helps me to cross things off after I’ve accomplished those tasks.

Every day, I choose the top five things I need to do.   It is so easy for you to get sidetracked with emergencies or other things that arise.  Even if you do have to stop for a short time, your top five list helps you to get your focus back on the daily action steps you need to accomplish.

One additional thing I do is to put the thing I want to do least (or that I’m dreading) at the top of the list.  Then I avoid procrastination and my day is much more productive.

I have made a simple Top Priority List for your day.   Enjoy and let me know your feedback!