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Social Media accounts are set up for you to use, or get a quote for your business posting needs.  Since all businesses have different needs, we prefer to give you a personalized quote.  We do social media posts on Facebook, Instagram, Interest and LinkedIn.  Contact us for a quote at 570 397 3025.


Facebook has been called the future of the Internet with good reason. More than half a billion unique users accessing the site per month makes Facebook the world’s most popular website.

The average Facebook user will write 25 comments and hit the LIKE button 9 times per month, updating a network of 100 or more friends and colleagues about their favorite things. If you want your business to “go viral,” this is one way of starting.

  • Profile and Business Page Setup
  • Complete Info Page
  • Upload Logo or other Image
  • Upload Photos
  • Email and Phone Call Support 
  • Custom Banner Image


YouTube has revolutionized the internet’s interaction with video. This social media service get more than 2 billion views a day around the world. More than 3 million YouTube users connect their accounts to other social media networks for automatic sharing, broadcasting and distributing video content links across the web.

Video marketing is considered the latest generation in advertising and brand building. Consumers are more likely to share videos with their existing social networks than any other form of media, giving successful video campaigns an expanded reach.

  • Video Page Setup
  • Upload up to 5 videos
  • Email and Phone Call Support

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