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Professional Hypnotists

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Beth Riley

Sound Beach, NY
(631) 228-4003

Carol Denicker

North Shore Hypnosis
Northport, NY
(888) 828-4934 Ext. 1

Susan Urban

Susan Urban Fitness Mind & Body
Manhasset, NY
(516) 817-3537

Marge Scharback

Mind Over Matter Hypnosis
Shoreham, NY
(631) 209-0029


New York Hypnosis Training Center

The ONLY NYS Licensed Training Center for Hypnosis & NLP
5000 Expressway Drive South
Holbrook NY  11741
(888) 828-4934 Ext. 3


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Keith Byrd

Washington DC


Why Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is independence.
Instead of dealing with the same issue over and over...or suffering the ill effects time and time again, hypnosis can help you break habits and replace them with new, healthier habits. Break free of the hold of smoking, emotional eating, stress, nail biting, jealousy, anger and more.

Hypnosis is retraining your mind for the positive.
Retrain your mind to think in ways that benefit you and make you feel good. Have a positive outlook, a can-do attitude and feel like you can rise higher. Find ways to let your mind think in ways that align with your personal goals.  We get plenty of negative messages in our day, why not work in your own best interest with some positive messages?

Hypnosis is relaxing.
In our get-it-done yesterday world, it pays to have a tool like hypnosis so you can find relaxation, especially after a crazy day.  You can get "better" at hypnosis, so practice it and use it when you need it.

Hypnosis is not habit-forming and has no side effects.
The side effects are relaxation and a feeling peace and calm.

Hypnosis is empowerment.
Feel empowered with hypnosis.  Make the necessary changes to have the life you want.  Feel more confident, excel in your sport, master public speaking and more.  Personal and professional growth is here.

Locate a professional hypnotist from our directory below and find out the benefits for yourself!