Five Ways to Get Started as a New Hypnotist

You've been trained.  Where do you begin?  The best place to start is at the beginning.  Creating a solid foundation from the beginning with clarified goals and good practices will help you to start and grow your hypnosis business.

Your ideal business is personal.  Create a mission and vision statement.

Mission statements define the purpose of the business and the objectives. These statements are set in the present tense and explain why you exist as a business, both to members of the organization and to those outside it. Mission statements tend to be short, clear and powerful.

Vision statements also define the purpose, but they focus on the goals and aspirations of the organization.  These statements are designed to be uplifting and inspiring. The statements are timeless.  Generally speaking, even if the organization changes its strategy, the vision will often stay the same.

  1. Create a business plan:  Likely, if you had a good instructor, you have created a business plan.  Even if it changes slightly, you need a plan.  You wouldn't tell a builder to build you a house and not have a plan about what you want.
  2. Decide what you want to do and where you want to do it.  You do not have to make a business based on the model of what someone else did.  What unique selling point do you bring to your business?  What can you offer clients that is unique to you?
  3. Pick what you will LOVE to do!  Stick to what you love.  If you hate conducting group workshops, don't do them.  It's easier to get excited about doing things you love.
  4. Make an effective website!  You can hire a designer or do it yourself, but make sure you get do your homework.  Again, you need to plan based on the business you are building, it needs to be functional, you need to promote it and maintain it.  I am presenting at the VIRTUAL CONVENTION and you can find my presentation here.
  5. Work on any blocks to your success.  You have ALL the tools you need!  If you need additional help in an area, consider hiring a Hypnotist or a Life Coach.

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2018 Virtual Hypnosis Convention

Ten Things Every Hypnosis Business Website Needs

Last year I attended the Virtual Convention and I'm excited to be a presenter this year. My presentation is:  Ten Things Every Hypnosis Business Website Needs.  I will focus on the things you need to plan and include on your professional hypnosis website.  See my page for the convention HERE and sign up for the virtual convention HERE.

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Why are virtual conventions so important?  A virtual convention allows us to be open and receive more information that we ever did before...without traveling and within the privacy of our own home or office.  It is limitless...allowing us to find the people we resonate with, new ideas, educational opportunities, continuing education workshops and more.  We are no longer bound by schedules, locations and for some, finances.  It can be the reason you rise higher and work with more people.

Speaking of working with more people....taking your business virtual is today...not the future, today.  Marketing practices have changed drastically and technology is a huge part of it.  So, if you want to be a part of hypnosis business success, it is your responsibility to use the learning experiences available to you and take your business to the next level.

I would like to thank Richard Nongard, Subliminal Science and all the people responsible for the September 15-16 Virtual Convention, 36 Techniques, for their work in bringing hypnotists valuable opportunities for quality continuing education.  And for making it so practical, accessible, interesting and convenient.

Check out the list of presenters.....

Blogging for Your Business

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Opt-In Offers for Websites

Years ago, it was easy for business owners to get email addresses of people interested in their goods or services just to be added to their email list or receive a newsletter or current offers.  Now that email boxes are inundated with more emails than we can possibly read, consumers are more selective about who they give their email address to.

Opt-in offers bring value to the recipient...offering them something FREE that they can use in exchange for their email information.  I'm sure you have seen countless opt-in offers on the internet that offer you free information, printable sheets, e-books and more.

If your goal is to build your email list, then you want to offer a valuable opt-in offer on your website.  Building your email list will give you the opportunity to send emails to those people already interested in what you have to offer.  To make optimum use of the valuable email list, you will keep them up-to-date on your services, goods, special offers, new services or employees and other items of interest.

The opt-in offer is an additional way to inform clients.  If they are not totally clear on what hypnosis is or what it can accomplish, the opt-in offer is your opportunity to educate them further about hypnosis and what you can offer to them.  The material you include is up to you, so make it valuable and informative.

What kind of opt-in offer can a hypnotist offer to potential clients visiting their website?    Speak directly to an issue or challenge they may be having (ie:  relaxation, smoking, confidence, etc).  Pick a subject that they will want to know more about.   It is best to know your target audience when addressing a need.

  1. Audio samples:  Offer a sample of your voice for a mediation or relaxing hypnosis session.
  2. E-books:  Make an e-book with valuable information.
  3. Video:  Make a video or video series on helpful and beneficial topics.
  4. E-courses:  You send a short course to them in email for x amount of days.
  5. Webinar:  Invite them to be a part of a webinar you pre-record.
  6. Goods Sample:  Offer free content of something you offer for sale (ie:  chapter of book, part of an online course you offer, a quiz, etc).

How does the opt-in offer get noticed?  You can include it on every page, some pages, in emails and on landing pages.

Make the offer more attractive with pictures, if possible, or some visual representation of your service or actual product.  In addition, list 3 to 5 bullet points about the value this opt-in offer brings to them and their life.

Example:  Our FREE relaxation recording will:

  • Explain to you how hypnosis works
  • Allow you to experience real relaxation in the privacy of your home in your free time
  • Let you feel the positive effects of a hypnotic state
  • Allow you to become better at going into a trance state and relaxing 

(Just examples...but you get the idea!)

You can set up a page to say thank you and have them download their offer or you can send it to them in an email.  Either way, make sure your offer gets to them immediately or quickly.  A thank you page with the automatic download would be best.

At the end of your opt-in offer, give the potential client a special offer that is low cost and easy to say YES! to.  Keep them engaged and interested by offering things such as:

  • A free consultation
  • A free 15-minute mini session
  • A low cost product such as:  sheet with tips on reducing your daily stress, a free informational webinar, goal setting sheets, etc.

Always follow up with your potential client.    Do you want them to move on or stay engaged?  Emails (and maybe even phone calls) that are delivered to your potential client on a regular basis will provide them with more opportunities to know you, your products and services and specials.

Set yourself apart.  Do your best.


Resources for more information on opt-in offers:

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Sixteen Websites for Stock Photos

Here are some stock photos for hypnosis websites.  Regardless of where you find your photos, the main thing to remember is to know and follow the terms of use.  You can find the terms of use on the photo sites.

Some sites are free; others charge for the photos.  You will have to give credit (attribution) to those sites who require it when using their photos.  Read each site’s requirements and make the choices that are best for you!