What kind of challenges have you faced as a hypnotist?  There are many personal and professional issues that come up as we navigate through life and build our ideal business.

Are you confident in your abilities as a hypnotist?  Has an event ever challenged your confidence?

Do you believe there are no customers out there because of your geographic location?  your experience?  your lack of degrees?

Do you allow technology to stop you from organizing your business, your tasks and marketing to the best of your ability?

Have you ever lost track of scripts or been unable to record or send a large audio file?

Is your spouse tired of hearing that your hypnosis hobby will make more money next year?

Do you have antiquated beliefs that hold you back?

Are you intimidated by technology?  Shy away from it?

Do you have a good work/life balance?

Coaching with an experienced hypnotist may be just what you need to motivate, inspire and organize you to move forward to achieve your goals.  Apply to work with Tina Pineiro by going to the contact page and submitting a form.