Technology solutions from websites to client webinars.

The most cost-effective, comprehensive technology solution for the hypnosis professional's business.

Hypnosis Specialty Websites and so much more...

At Hypnosis Business Organization, we want to help you thrive.  So we have created a technology membership site.  We're not just a website...we are your technology support professionals.  Whether you are a new or experienced hypnotist, you will find a great deal of value in membership.

Technology can be a time-consuming and frustrating part of the small business owner's business.  We make it simpler for you.  Our membership allows you to pay a monthly fee and let us take care of the details.  Your business is in one place, the tasks take less time and we offer instructions and marketing extras.

Your website is your online presence and the first thing people will see that details the services and products you offer.  So creating a professional site is important, and we make it easy for you by creating it, hosting it, renewing it and maintaining it.  Members get a professional WordPress website with your membership!  It's like paying for the maintenance and getting the website for free.

With your website details taken care of, how will you manage your business when clients arrive?  How will you organize your day?  We have your answers.  There is 50 GB storage for your files, a plugin so you can offer free webinars, personalized forms and more.

All of the features have easy-to-understand instructions for use that you will always have access to.  Membership to our site is your one-stop shop for most of your technology needs.  And we offer add-on support services to help you get the business of your dreams!

With our membership, the beginner gets to learn from our experience and expertise.  The experienced member gets to benefit from the many included plugins and features that bring your business to the next level at the lowest cost possible.   Low cost equals higher profit.

You can pay your membership monthly or save money by paying annually.  Either way, it's one of the most cost-efficient technology tools you will ever use and best of's all in one place!

Member Benefits

  • Free listing in our Hypnotist online directory
  • 50 GB online file space for client files and scripts
  • Easily share audio files with clients
  • Custom Website up to 10 pages
  • Domain name and hosting for one year
  • Blog on your website
  • SSL certificate for a secure site
  • Event listings plugins
  • Appointment scheduler
  • Offer FREE webinars to clients
  • Zero BS CRM plugin
  • Accept payment/sell products online (requires PayPal account)
  • Access to private LinkedIn Group
  • Great for beginner to advanced technology user
  • SEO (search engine optimization)
  • Monthly submission to search engines
  • Plugin updates (weekly)
  • Up to 1/2 hour of maintenance changes monthly included
  • Yearly review and changeout of plugins

With every membership, I work with you to make the most of this important marketing investment.  I take the time to learn about you and your business and then recommend the best plan of action for your website, marketing and technology needs.  In addition, I personally teach you via video chat how to use your site features.  You always have full access to your site.  As a Hypnotist and a technology expert, I am dedicated to making this a pleasurable and valuable feature for your business.    

-Tina Pineiro

Our plan is the best value for your business.

Our low monthly fee makes membership your smartest business investment!

Coming online HYPNOSIS BUSINESS PROGRAM that will help you succeed!  Check back at the end of September for the debut!